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My wife, Donna and I have been collectors and shooters for over 40 years. From time to time we buy new items for our collection and sell some of the items that we have duplicates of. I have a C&R License. Please contact us on items you would like to sell or items you would like to buy from us. We also do gun smithing and gun repairs. If you need this type of work. You can contact us at [email protected] We ship the weapons to John Norrell Arms where I do gunsmithing and repairs. I am also listed on Jo'sn Norrells website-John Norrell Arms.


Phone: 5018343817 [Call]

Location: Sherwood AR [Open Map]


Donna Reed


I work with my husband Gene. I keep up the website, order parts, and take care of the paperwork and forms.

[email protected]

Eugene E Reed (Gene)

Co-Owner and Gunsmith

I work with my wife Donna buying and selling weapons. I also do gunsmithing and gun repairs. If you need my services, you can call or email me. I will have you ship the weapon to John Norrell Arms where I do most of my work.

[email protected]

H&R Model 925 .38 S&W

Listed By: BCD Consulting
This revolver was bought in Little Rockā€¦
- Arkansas


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