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Australian Outback Ammo-Accurate and Temperature Neutral -Fair Dinkum!

“Some” being some powders/brands of ammunition, that is.  Australian Outback Ammunition, however, is designed to be consistent in a wide range of temperatures.  I personally first heard about Australian Outback Ammo in a print artic...
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What are Pre-Sample, Post-Sample and Transferable Machine Guns?

In the NFA world there are three types of machine guns:  Pre-Samples, Post-Samples and Transferable machine guns. So let's start with some U.S. History to understand why these three categories exist. Machine guns were regulat...
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Subgun Sharpshooter John Bosio Knob Creek Fall 2018

In October 2018, we sponsored national sub gun competitor, customer and long time friend John Bosio. We attended Knob Creek, the largest full auto shoot in the United States, and had a great time catching up with everyone and really...
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How Do You Buy A Machine Gun? Let Us Tell You.

God bless America and the Second Amendment, because of the rights U.S. Citizens have we can legally purchase a machine gun. These types of guns are commonly seen in action movies but in the real world they are much more scarce. Not ...
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Class 1 vs Class 3 / Title 1 vs. Title2

What are Class 1 and Class 3 guns? What about Title 1 and Title 2? In this article we explain!
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UC-9 Folding Submachine Gun

This is a demo of the UC-9 submachine gun
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MP5 Full Auto Review

This is a review by Midwest Tactical Inc. of the full auto MP5
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How To Spot A Scam Gun Listing!?

This video will explain how you can protect yourself form scammers who make fake listings.
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