| World War II British Anti-Tank Rifle

World War II British Anti-Tank Rifle

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World War II British Anti-Tank Rifle

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Converted to 50 BMG

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World War II British Anti-Tank Rifle The Anti-tank rifle used by the United Kingdom in WWII was the “Boys” 55 caliber bolt-action, magazine-fed anti-tank rifle. Not at all a “boy’s rifle” as Americans called the single-shot rifles of the 1920’s, this stout firearm could penetrate steel plate when it first was made, in 1937, after being designed by Capt. Henry Boys. It was manufactured by British Small Arms in England and the John Inglis Company in Canada. This particular Boys rifle was manufactured in 1943 under contract for the US government and is so-marked “U.S. GOVT PROPERTY.” A number of these anti-tank rifles, this example included, were converted from the British 55 caliber to the 50 caliber Browning machine gun cartridge. Because of this caliber conversion, it is not classified by BATF&E as a Destructive Device, but as a 50-caliber rifle, just like other 50 caliber rifles made in the US. This Boys rifle is equipped with a 4-12 power scope and an original “harmonica” muzzle break. The full modification from 55 caliber Boys to 50 BMG requires a barrel change and a modification of the magazine, because the 50 caliber Browning is a longer cartridge than the 55 caliber Boys cartridge. However, many of the 50-caliber conversions did not modify the magazine, requiring a portion of the length of the projectile to be ground off. Note in the picture, this magazine has been modified to allow the use of full length 50 BMG military or civilian ammunition. In 2001, I talked to Rudy Rosenquist, then 76 years old. He was one of the U.S. Marine Corps Raiders with the 3rd Ranger Battalion, and has written the preeminent book on the Marine Raiders: Our Kind of War. British anti-tank rifles were used by the Marine Raiders in the South Pacific. The Raiders were lightly armed for hit and run attacks. He said the British Boys rifle was the heaviest gun they carried. He also founded the U.S. Marine Corps Raiders Museum in Richmond, VA. Mr. Rosenquist told me that all of the Boys rifles used by the Marine Raiders were manufactured by the John Inglis Company in Canada. He said they were also used by US Navy mine sweepers to detonate mines from a safe distance. He said that after WWII, many of the British Boys rifles in US storage were re-barreled to 50 caliber Browning and equipped with a scope for use in the Korean War. $8,500 plus $350 packing and shipping. To purchase this firearm, call: 575-405-0911 or email [email protected] Thank you for your interest in the WWII Curio and Relic listed anti-tank rifle.

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