| The German's 1-Man Machinegun in WWI

The German's 1-Man Machinegun in WWI

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The German's 1-Man Machinegun in WWI

June 19, 2020, 9:39 a.m. - Unknown Section -
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World War One German 08/15 Maxim portable machinegun. This 08/15 Maxim was the machinegun employed the most by the Germans in WWI, more-so than the heavy 08 Maxim. Both guns functioned the same and used the same barrels, the same locks, the same belts and 8mm Mauser ammunition. Yet the 08/15 machinegun was a lightened version of the 08 Maxim, specifically designed to be carried and operated by a single soldier. Because of its portability, it proved a lethal enemy for US soldiers, so each captured 08/15 Maxim quickly became a cherished war trophy. This Maxim was registered in the 1968 Amnesty as serial number 9824-5020, using the 9824 serial number on the receiver and the 5020 serial number on the lock. This Maxim is live, fully-transferable and it is recognized by ATF to be a Curio and Relic. As the photos of this one hundred year old machinegun show, it is in excellent condition with much of its original bluing. It fired flawlessly, using an original 250 rd Swiss Maxim steel belt, which will be included. You want to know the Maxim you are buying works! A video of this 08/15 shooting is part of this GUNSPOT ad. If you cannot open it, just email [email protected] for it. German Maxim machineguns fire 8mm Mauser ammunition, the same cartridge used in the German 98 Mauser bolt-action rifle issued to that nation’s soldiers in WWI and WWII. This ammunition is easy to acquire and easy to reload if you choose to do so. The history and operational instructions of these Maxim water-cooled machineguns are well presented in Dolf Goldsmith’s book: The Devil’s Paintbrush. A copy is included, as is a Russian 1910 Maxim Gunner’s Kit, which has several useful tools and a spare Maxim mainspring for the lock. Priced without bipod at $10,500. Visa/MC acceptable. Class 3 dealer since 1978. Trades considered, even DEWAT machineguns. For questions or to purchase, call 575-405-0911. Transfers tax-free to your dealer quickly using ATF’s eFile system. We ship your purchase within 3 weekdays after receiving the approved transfer. Thank you.

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