AR15-A2 Select-Fire on Form 4 with selection of uppers


AR15-A2 Select-Fire on Form 4 with selection of uppers

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This is a Colt AR15-A2 converted to a Select-Fire machinegun by Hard times Armory in the early 80's. It is on a Form-4 owned by my trust and it is fully-transferable to civilians. It currently has a Daniel Defense piston-upper in .223/5.56, but I can sell it with any of several other uppers like the Noveske's in 5.56mm or .300 Blackout, , Spikes in 5.56, Colt 9mm, LWRC in 5.56mm, Rguns in 5.56. I'm happy to make a package deal with the machinegun and several uppers. **Note--The hole for the Auto-Sear pin is a few thousandth's of an inch loose. You can see the pin move a hair when you push on it. This has never caused a problem and it has not changed any in the decade I've owned this weapon. I've also been told by other gunsmiths that this is common and nothing to worry about, but I want you to know about it up-front just in-case you're as anal as I am :) The weapon currently has a Geissele SSF trigger. This is a big improvement over stock, but because the reset is so quick it required a heavier buffer than the stock trigger. I will include two buffers I have that work with the stock trigger. I have 42 cases of Winchester XM193C 5.56mm that I'll make a heck of a deal on with the buyer. I also have many cases of Winchster 9mm and .45 ACP, Federal 7.62-39, and federal 30-06. I am closing down my FFL and have many SBR's, Silencers and Title-1 guns to sell. Buyer to pay for actual shipping and insurance costs. I cannot take credit cards but most other forms of payment are acceptable. Feel free to email or call with as many questions as you like! Rick Peterson (208) 304-7466 8AM to 8PM PST.

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