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Colt AR9 SBR/ AAC Mirage Sup 9mm Upper

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SBR + Rare AAC DEA Style Sup Upper

Item Description

This AAC Integrally Suppressed 9mm barrelled upper receiver assembly (Mirage) was rhe very first product from Advanced Armament Corporation and was personally sold to me by Kevin Brittingham in 2000. The integal suppressor is actually a Gemtech Item, contracted by Mr. Brittingham. The Colt SBR is a “Restricted/Military/Government...” model and is so marked. Both items are in excellent condition are owned by me on Forms 4. This is a superb home defense weapon. These integrally suppressed upper receivers are unique and rare and have sold for as much as $5000 on auctions previously and this example is priced accordingly. The suppressor is accompanied by a manual and factory soft case. The carbine is accompanied by two used mags, one 20 round and one 30 round—no box or manual. Buyer pays all transfer taxes (stamps).

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  • State Tax: $4.00
  • Shipping Cost: $150.00

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  • Location: Georgia
  • Listing ID: #3401

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