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The “GRAD” Arsenal RS1 Limited Edition Knife/Gun Pistol

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In the late 1990s, the Global Research and Development (GRAD) Company designed the world’s first production fixed blade knife that held a multi-shot firearm inside its grip. GRAD produced four knives, three of which contained working .22LR double-action revolvers. The knife in each case was a high-quality 440C heat-treated high carbon stainless steel single edged fixed blade. Inside the grips lay the cylinder ( a 6-shot cylinder with one cylinder filled as a firing pin rest, leaving room for the 5 remaining rounds) for the revolver with a 1.75” inch Rifled barrel for the revolver with a 1.75” inch rifled barrel. In the lower half of the knife handle a spring-loaded trigger lever could be pulled down and when depressed would fire the revolver. The barrel’s muzzle was shrouded by the top half of the grip and fired over the top of the blade through the hilt of the knife. To load and clean the revolver, the grips separated and folded open, allowing access to the concealed gun. Grips are checkered plastic, with a fold down trigger in the front strap and a takedown button on the butt, which disengages the hinged front section to reveal the cylinder and working parts. With a manufacturers box numbered to the gun Versions of the GRAD Several models of GRAD knife guns. The Hybrid Standard Edition of the knife had black aluminum checkered grip panels and held a 5-shot revolver. A deluxe 22-karat gold-plated Millennium version of the Standard had a highly hand polished blade and frame. The Hybrid Bayonet held a 6-shot revolver and mounted to the standard NATO bayonet lug carried on the M16/AR-15 style rifle. The bayonet version could be fired either mounted or unmounted to the rifle. The knife only version, the Model RS1N, was the base knife with no barrel or firing assembly. “N” for No Fire Collectability Today Across all versions, less than a thousand of these weapons were made. The company history is murky; they seem to have folded around ‘2007 and as such have no warranty or production to fall back upon. The firearms versions are all NFA Class III and are transferable under the $5 “”Any Other Weapon clause”. When new and still in production they sold from $699 for the Standard models to $1,999 for the gold-plated series. Today if you can find one, they basically are worth whatever the market will pay and are RARE at any price. True collector’s piece. There almost No class #3 weapons that have gone down in value since 1986. Wonderful long-term investment/income makers. Of course, you can always just pack both a handgun and a nice blade for much less, but where’s the fun in that? This article originally ran on as “The GRAD Knife Gun: Your back-ups’ back-up” on January 21, 2013 and has been edited for content. Filed Under: Collectibles & Novelties, Self Defense GRAD Knife Gun: Your backups’ backup 12/01/15| by Chris Eger No one in their right mind would bring a knife to a gunfight. On the other hand, many gun owners have been known to pack a blade for those just in case moments. In the late 1990s, one company specialized in hybrid knife guns that packed an unseen punch. This punch, concealed in the grip of the knife, was a small revolver caliber round. That company was known as GRAD. A Primer on knife pistols Handguns with knives or bayonets have popped up frequently throughout firearms history. Such examples as the Elgin pistol, the Apache revolver, and others are well documented. These guns were just that: handguns that happened to have a knife or bayonet attached. Really, these weapons were guns that had a knife as a back-up weapon or tool, not the other way around. (Picture above is another version and not the item being offered for sale) The GRAD fighting knife But, there is a similar evolutionary train of knives that have had guns attached to them. The main purpose of these devices was knife-first, gun-second. The user would have a strong, well-made knife for cutting, prying, or use as an edged weapon. The pistol came as an accessory attachment on the knife, reminiscent of Swiss Army knives that have many tools on them (only these knives had a gun instead of a pair of tweezers and a corkscrew). Knife/gun combos have been more common than you may think. Back in the 1950s, Illinois-based U.S. Small Arms marketed and sold a folding pocketknife that held a single barreled .22LR along with its blade. In more recent times, the Powell and Brown Company of Tucson, Arizona marketed a long-bladed folding utility knife that concealed either a .22 or a .38 single-shot barrel. The business end has a small sharp spike, which is intended to remind the shooter to keep his or her fingers away from the muzzle: Here you can see the trigger in its firing position. Pushing the trigger down (i.e. towards the knife handle) fires the revolver. Before you ask, Yes, this is an “NFA” item. It’s classified as an “Any other weapon” (“AOW”), which is a catch-all category defined as “any weapon or device capable of being concealed on the person from which a shot can be discharged through the energy of an explosive,” other than a handgun with a rifled barrel. Examples of “AOW’s” include homemade improvised guns (aka: “zip guns”), disguised firearms (wallet guns, cane guns, knife guns, pen guns, etc), as well as any pistol that has a second vertical pistol grip intended for two handed firing. An AOW requires a $5.00 BATF stamp (as opposed to the $200.00 stamp required for machine guns and “SBR’s- (short barreled rifles). The price of admission, however, is not cheap. Apparently, Arsenal only made a very limited run of these gizmos, so they are very rare. Usually selling in the upper high end of about $2,795-$3,000 range and that is if you can find one? I’ve never seen one before, but a quick “google” search pulled up some old past samples for sale, and they hovered in the ballpark (2,000-$2,200 range+ depending on style and condition) price range but not for sale. This is new and never fired I found a “You Tube” video on this item from a gun show, not sure from what date and the narrator seems to somewhat unsure about what he has or is talking about? A much better video is explained in the link below, However the person demonstrating it holds the gun upside down by accident: This is a very unique knife/gun. Designed for the Russian Special Forces. They are the original and the BATF&E will NOT ALLOW any other transferable importation of these shooting knives into the United States. Reportedly ONLY 100 were made and was in the movie “Die Hard 5” which will not be sold. Reportedly Only 14 will ever be for sale. This is a large knife, similar in profile to a bayonet or fighting knife, with the addition of a 6-shot .22 Short double action revolver integrated into the grip, firing over the blade. Blade is 6½” inches long, with a straight back clip, and a single fuller along the left side. Grips are checkered plastic, with a fold down trigger in the front strap and a takedown button on the butt, which disengages the hinged front section to reveal the cylinder and working part and only Requires a-$5 “AOW”-(Any Other Weapon”) Class# 3 transfer.

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