Rare Savage NAC 1928A1 Thompson Matching Numbered Frame and Receiver


Rare Savage NAC 1928A1 Thompson Matching Numbered Frame and Receiver

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Sept. 1, 2019, 6:47 a.m. - Unknown Section -
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This is a Scarce Example of an originally unfinished WWII 1928A1 Thompson submachine gun initially manufactured by the Savage Arms Company under license from the Auto-Ordnance Company and then completed by the Numrich Arms Company. In the early 1970s, George Numrich acquired a huge amount of WWII spare parts and partially completed Thompson submachine receivers and barreled receiver from both the Auto-Ordnance and Savage companies and at the same time imported a large numbers of Thompsons from overseas. Using that stock pile of parts, he completed/assembled all the remaining stock of receivers and barreled receivers from the two companies into complete 1928 Thompson SMGs He was required to remark the receivers he completed with his "NAC"(Numrich ARms COmpany) serial numbering, hence the current serial number "S-527235 NAC", and sold them as commercial weapons. The receiver and Frame is Both Marked with "MODEL OF 1928 A1/NO. S-527235 NAC". The General Rule of Thumb Acording to Pge 377 Of Iannamico's Npk "American Thunder"is that any Thompson witha typical WW2 number and a Matching Serialized Frame is NOt a Parts Gun. This is another Collectible Variation in Thompson History

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