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St. Augustine Gun Works Mini-9 w/ Lage MAX-31K Upper 9x19mm NATO Transferable Machine Gun

Jan. 6, 2023, 3:04 p.m. - Unknown Section -
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This Chester County Armory listing is for a very rare model of the MAC family of sub machine guns: the St. Augustine Gun Works (SAGW) Mini-9 9x19mm NATO transferable sub machine gun.

The Mini-9 was SAGW’s attempt to create a version of a MAC machine gun that combined the desired small size of the M11A1 with the increased fire-power and ammunition accessibility of the 9x19mm NATO cartridge.  The lower is an M11A1 spec’d lower that accepts 9mm Zytel MAC mags, while the upper remains the same size as the M11A1 in .380acp, but is chambered for 9x19mm. The model they created was, indeed, an excellent functional model, and accomplished what they set out to do very well. The only problem was, over time and thousands of rounds fired, the increased pressures of the 9mm cartridge on their small upper wrecked havoc with the functionality of the frame of the Mini-9.

Fast forward several years, and it’s Richard Lage from Lage Manufacturing to the rescue! His MAX-31k model in 9x19mm NATO designed for the M11A1 has breathed fresh, new life into this Mini-9! It eliminated the stress problems of the Mini-9, yet utilized the unaltered frame of the Mini-9 to accomplish it! This model will now run perfectly, without the fear of long-term stress failures, and can do so with the use of the ubiquitous 100rd Suomi drums or a 50rd Suomi coffin magazines.

This transferable sub machine gun package comes with a Lage MAX-31k 9x19mm upper already installed. This weapon also features a Mini-Uzi style right side folding stock, Magpul Pro Series folding BUIS, a Lage 2pc polymer-grip assembly, and an aluminum removable foregrip that properly matches the feel, fit, and finish of the Lage upper. The foregrip will easily allow the use of drum magazines to be physically operated comfortably on this model.  This transferable Mini-9 machine gun will come with one 100rd Suomi drum magazine.

This SAGW Mini-9 is in overall excellent condition. It has recently been professionally upgraded and thoroughly inspected and tested by famed MAC gunsmith Sam Schneider at Practical Solutions.  Sam personally inspected, upgraded, and prepared this SAGW Mini-9 for use, as well as fully inspected all aspects of this machine gun package, including the amazing parkerization finish it has received.  The Lage MAX-31k 9x19mm upper was installed by Practical Solutions in factory new condition.

Mechanically, the fire control internals  on this model are solid and note only minor finish wear. The frame and original Mini-9 upper are in excellent condition with no cracks, dents, dings, gouges, malformations, etc. in the metalwork, whatsoever. The parkerized finish has been professionally refinished, and is in excellent, like new condition, with almost no handling marks visible in the exterior finish. This better-than-factory condition model has not been fired since testing and evaluations were professionally completed by Practical Solutions.  The only noted handling mark on this weapon is a small mark on the right side of the mil-spec 1913 optic rail on the Lage upper (see photos). In addition to the current setup, this model will also come with the original SAGW Mini-9 upper with forward strap and its original folding wire stock, both of which have been re-parkerized to match exactly how they would have left the SAGW factory.

Due to the inherent nature of this design and the increased monetary value of this transferable machine gun (as well as operating on the expert advice of Sam Schneider at Practical Solutions), Chester County Armory recommends this machine gun only be operated with modern Lage uppers properly installed, and not the factory SAGW Mini-9 upper.

This fantastic transferable sub machine gun package is currently available on an eForm-capable Form 3 that lists “St. Augustine Gunworks” as the manufacturer and “Mini 9” as the model.

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  • State Tax: $6.00
  • Publish date: Jan. 6, 2023, 3:04 p.m.
  • Expiring Date: Jan. 20, 2023, 3:04 p.m.

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  • Location: Pennsylvania
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