Why Is The FAL So Popular?

Why is the FAL so popular?

There are tons of battle rifles that have been used throughout history. Today there are some fantastic modern ones like all of the advanced versions of AR10 rifles and the FN SCAR, just to name a few. But you will find in the gun community that there is one battle rifle that just will not go away. No matter how old this rifle is, it lingers around, and people clamor over it. This rifle is none other than the FAL.

The FAL is this iconic rifle with a very easily noticeable design. The functionality of the design itself is superb. But when we compare it to modern-day battle rifles, it doesn’t stack up as well. No doubt because of the age of the FAL design. But nonetheless, the FAL is loved by many, including me. So why is it so beloved? I did some hard thinking, and I came up with 3 reasons I believe the rifle is adored.


If you like guns, then you have probably seen the FAL. There is a reason that it shows up so much. That reason is my first guess at why the FAL is so popular. The FAL was used in over 90 countries worldwide as a service rifle. As a result, it is seen in tons of old military photos, books, video games, and movies. To a degree, we have been conditioned to know about this rifle. So, because this rifle has been so widely used worldwide, it’s become a rifle we love.


Reason number 2 is a compliment to reason 1. Not only was the FAL used in over 90 countries, but the rifle has been in service for over 60 years. The FAL has served as a battle rifle worldwide for over half a century, which is incredible. That means that militaries around the world weren’t just enamored with the FAL when it first came out, but they continue to use it to this very day in some countries. The FAL, because of its years of service, is widely known to be a highly reliable combat weapon.


The third reason the FAL is so popular is a big one. I really had to think about this one, though, as I think it really affects us subconsciously. The FAL has the nickname “the right arm of the free world,” and there is a reason. The FAL is famous for fighting communism. The FAL served as the battle rifle of the good guys. This rifle was used as a primary tool to defeat communism. Since this rifle is famous for preserving freedom, it supplants itself in our minds as a desirable rifle, earning its way to one of the most renowned battle rifles.


The FAL in a modern world has been outdone by other weapons in its class. That being said, it will always be a weapon that is loved. It has been used by many operators for a long time and is known as a rifle used to fight for freedom. With just those three things, the FAL has earned its reputation and will forever be one of the most beloved battle rifles.

Dylan C. @ GunSpot
Dylan C. @ GunSpot

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