What is GunSpot.com?

What Is GunSpot?

What is GunSpot.com? If you found yourself here you may not really get all the good things that GunSpot is at first glance. Well first and foremost let’s talk about why GunSpot was initially created.

Why GunSpot Was Created?

GunSpot.com was created to be a solution to other online 2nd Amendment friendly auction sites. Other auctions and listing sites have convoluted pricing. Some of them literally have formulas for you to understand how much money they make off of your sales. At GunSpot we keep it easy. You only pay a flat rate subscription fee to list, or a flat fee per listing if you only want to list guns in small volumes. GunSpot only has a 1% after-sale fee which is easy to calculate and is very low in the industry. GunSpot was created to leave more money in the hands of sellers and make operating your business simple. We know you have enough to worry about without learning the intricate pricing structure of some websites.

What is for sale?

On GunSpot.com you will find a wide variety of items accepted as listings. On our site, we have had customers list everything for sale from tiny pocket revolvers, old WWII machine guns, and new guns on the market and we even have had military vehicles sold on our site such as armored personnel carriers. When GunSpot first got its start, what now seems like ages ago, it was a machine gun-only site. It was known as Machine Gun Central. It was and still remains the largest place online to shop for a variety of machine guns. Whether they be post samples, pre samples, or transferable machine guns. No other site has the sheer inventory listed that ours does when it comes to machine guns. So if you are looking for machine guns for sale, we are the place for you.

We wanted to open it up though. So we took our name of Machine Gun Central and changed it to GunSpot. We didn’t want to limit our users to only being able to buy or sell machine guns. The harsh reality is that because of the National Firearms Act it can be really hard to afford a machine gun and we know that. So we wanted to create a site that didn’t only serve the clientele interested in machine guns but could serve the entire gun community. Now you can find rifles, shotguns, pistols, revolvers, and a plethora of other items for sale.

What Do You Get With GunSpot?

A screen capture of GunSpot.com Auctions

GunSpot is the cheapest place to list guns for sale. You have a small fee to list and a small after-the-sale fee. GunSpot has a live chat feature and if you call us we will answer. Where else can you get that kind of customer service from a listing site?

When you create a seller account on GunSpot you get more than the ability to list. With our subscriptions, you get a store page. This can function as your own website if you don’t have one. You can link to your store page for your customers and they can see all of your inventory. They can then sort your inventory and search for all the things you have for sale.

an example of a store page on GunSpot.com

Also, GunSpot.com wants to be a source of knowledge, entertainment, and news about the gun industry. Whether that be topics on new products, old collectible guns, holsters, new software, or legislation.

Get Started!

We want to be a one-stop-shop for everything you could want or need in the firearms world. We are committed to customer service, hearing feedback, and making a product that works for you. Already we have taken customer feedback into account and made changes in an effort to make the best selling tool for dealers. I encourage you to create an account, try selling and check the site often for new auctions and listings.

Dylan C. @ GunSpot
Dylan C. @ GunSpot

I'm the Creative Director at GunSpot. My main job is to create content that you can read or watch on The GunSpot Academy. I'm a video guy first and foremost but now, as you can see, I guess I'm an author too. Only out of necessity though!