Radian Ramjet For Concealed Carry

Recently, with all the hype surrounding the Radian Ramjet and Afterburner combo, I decided to give it a try. The Radian comp has a superb design that fits the gun in an extraordinary way with a fantastic finish. But does it actually mitigate muzzle flip and keep the nose of the gun down? Yes, it does. Radian claims that it's a 44% reduction in recoil. While I can't verify it with a scientific test, I can tell you that the muzzle flip is greatly reduced. After being impressed with the Radian comp on my Glock 45, I wanted to keep it around for my everyday carry. So I have been carrying the G45 with the Radian comp ever since my initial tests.

The Radian comp turns a Glock 19-length slide into a Glock 17-length slide. That means you will have to use either an open-ended holster or a holster that is G17 length. I did actually have a TXC-X1 holster that does have an open end allowing for pretty much all 9mm and .40 caliber Glocks to fit. That being said, using that holster with the Radian drove me crazy. The Radian comp has very sharp edges making for an uncomfortable gun to have tucked in the appendix carry position. To fix that problem moved to a LAS Concealment holster for a G17 and have never looked back. The Radian is a feirce upgrade to ad to your G19 or G45.

Radian makes the Ramjet + Afterburner for Glock 19 length slides for gen 3, gen 4, and gen 5.

Dylan C. @ GunSpot
Dylan C. @ GunSpot

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