How to Navigate Gunspot

How to Navigate Gunspot

With the entire internet available to you, there are plenty of websites for gun manufacturers and gun auction sites alike. Some you may know by name, while others may be new to you. Some have their websites set up in a clunky manner while others have a seamless flow for the user’s experience. Gunspot is one of those sites that is offering users the easiest experience possible for everything you would want in a gun auction site.

Home Screen

When opening Gunspot, you are immediately brought to the home screen. Here, you can see all the active gun auction listings available. The auction lists are extensive, and you can narrow down your search parameters into several different categories. Handguns, rifles, shotguns, even military vehicles, or black powder weapons can be searched with ease. You also have the option to search for all Class III items available. Gunspot routinely hosts auctions for transferable machine guns as well as suppressors and short-barreled weapons.

After you click on an item that piques your interest, you are brought to the item page. Here, you can see the seller of the item with a star ranking to let you know how other users have viewed their past experiences with that seller. This screen gives you all the listing details and any stipulations with the item on auction. This is the screen where, once you sign up for an account, you can place a bid on the item or buy it outright if that option is available for that item.


Gunspot’s Academy page is where you can find the most up-to-date content provided by Gunspot. The Academy page hosts all the current blog writings that Gunspot provides to their site’s visitors and those with accounts. You can read relevant content like Concealed Carry Permit: What You Need to Know, How an AR-15 Actually Works, and many others. For additional content, Gunspot has an extensive YouTube video channel that is updated on a regular basis and provides some of the best content in the industry.

War Room

For those who wish to sell items at auction on Gunspot, the War Room page is your control hub for everything sellers. Whether you only post one item or two hundred items, the War Room is where you can manage all your active listings. You can create your auction listings here as well as see your live auctions. Managing your store is easily done on Gunspot. This option is available to non-FFL owners wishing to post a few items, as well as licensed FFL dealers. Your storefront is either a subscription-based account or for those smaller non-FFL members wanting to sell those few items, there are also pay-as-you-go options available to you. For those tracking multiple auctions running simultaneously, your War Room page will show you all your live listings, how many auctions met reserve, how many of your listings did not meet reserve, and if you have any upcoming scheduled auctions about to go live.

Battle Station

If you sign up for an account for the purpose of bidding and not selling, the Battle Station page is your centralized hub for monitoring your interested auctions. Here, you can track the auctions you have placed bids on, as well as keep an eye on other listings that you haven’t yet bid on. You can filter your auction watch list by categories such as No Reserve Auctions, low bid prices, and auctions that are ending soon so you can monitor the current bid to determine of that auction item is worth placing a bid. From the Battle Station, you can also see a complete log of all past auctions that you have liked and see the auctions that you have won and those that you lost due to a higher bidder.

While it seems as though there are more and more gun auction sites popping up on the internet, Gunspot is making a very user-friendly auction interface that stands out amongst the competition, leaving users with an easy-to-navigate platform. On top of that, Gunspot is definitely the place to go to find some truly rare and special relics, as well as a large offering of pre-ban items always on the auction block. Setting up a new account is quick and easy so head to and get started today.


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