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When pharmaceutical marketing executive Brandon Maddox decided to combine his MBA with a passion for guns and varmint hunting, he wasn’t quite sure where he would end up. Today, after almost 20 years in the firearms industry, Silencer Central is a leader in meeting the silencer needs of American hunters and sport-shooters. Starting out as a home-based Class 3 dealer and FFL, Brandon quickly found an untapped niche in the suppressor market. Rather than focusing on tactical sales, Brandon started focusing his attention on the needs of hunters. In 2005 Silencer Central (formerly Dakota Silencer) opened their first retail store. With a presence in eight states covering the Midwest, they now offer their premium products throughout the United States. Along the way, Silencer Central has brought additional innovation to the retail suppressor industry. They operate a military grade sound laboratory to study the real world effects of different suppressors. In 2018, they published an industry first multi caliber suppressor study, testing 27 different suppressors in real world settings. In 2017, knowing that many hunting rifles are not suppressor ready, Silencer Central started offering in-house precision barrel threading to meet the needs of their customers. Silencer Central also owns BANISH Suppressors (formerly Varminter), the first multi-caliber, configurable suppressor on the market. Made entirely of titanium, and compatible with .22 through .30 caliber, BANISH Suppressors brings value to hunters by offering one suppressor they can use across different platforms. Today, Silencer Central is continuing to build on their legacy of customer service, innovation and research. They are rolling out new tools to aid customers with the burdensome regulations of the NFA, and to make buying silencers easy. Meet the rest of our team below. We look forward to handling all of your gun silencer shopping and registration needs!


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