Post Sample - HK Trigger Pack - No Law Enforcement Letter Required

Sept. 28, 2021, 8:54 a.m. - Unknown Section -
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Post Sample - HK Trigger Packs by MAA INC. 

These Post-86 Dealer Sample machine gun are being brokered for an NFA dealer who is surrendering their SOT. As per ATF § 479.105 (f), a MANUFACTURER or IMPORTER FFL with a valid and current SOT may take possession of this machine gun WITHOUT the need for a law enforcement demonstration letter. Type 01 Dealers with an SOT may also purchase, but will require a law enforcement demonstration request letter in order to take possession of this item.

These are not available for purchase by non-dealers.

These should drop into any standard semi-auto full auto HK lower and can be modified to fit a MKE lower on request at no additional cost if we are notified prior to shipping. These are setup for 223 or 308, but the ejector can easily be changed out. If you mail your 308 ejector to us prior to shipping, we can swap out.

The photo is one of our stock photos. There are multiple available. For a picture of the exact one that you are purchasing,, please contact us before purchasing.

If you have any questions, ask before buying.

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  • State Tax: $7.00
  • Publish date: Sept. 28, 2021, 8:54 a.m.
  • Expiring Date: Oct. 26, 2021, 9:07 a.m.
  • Shipping Cost: $35.00

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  • Shipping: Seller Will Ship!
  • Location: Mississippi
  • Listing ID: 76128095

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