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Consecutively Serialized World War II Commemorative Transferable Thompsons

Sept. 15, 2021, 3:13 p.m. - Unknown Section -
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50/50 Deal Incoming!

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These are two, beautiful consecutively Serialized WW2 Commemorative Thompson Machine Guns. . These guns are in great condition and come as shown. * 50/50 Deal Incoming! (50% payment up front, with the other 50% due when the gun is approved to MWT and ready to be efiled to your dealer) * .45 * Excellent investment * Each come with Classic FBI Hard Case * 3 Day inspection period Only 500 are being custom gunsmithed to honor each theater of operations—a low edition, considering 16 million Americans served in the war, and each deserves being honored. Each special Thompson is individually engraved with its own Limited Edition Registry Number between 001 and 500, with the prefix ETO or PTO, respectively. This Registry Number is also inscribed on the accompanying Certificate of Authenticity, which further confirms the edition limit and the purity of the 24-Karat Gold plating. The few men, museums and organizations that own one of these will have a classic, rare showpiece, which will turn heads wherever it is displayed. And it will forever evoke the names and memory of those who served—which may well include you or a family member. As you heft this Thompson, you know it is alive with the spirit of America—and our fighting men who carried it in combat in Europe at Normandy, through the Bulge and into the Rhineland; and in the Pacific Theater from Guadalcanal to Iwo Jima and Okinawa, and back to the Philippines—and on countless missions in between. It is a beast of a weapon; it weighs twelve pounds, unloaded; it takes two hands to hold it. For close-combat fighting, this was the gun that won the war. Today, it is one of the most famous firearms in the world. To honor the Americans who served in the European Theater of Operations (ETO) and the Pacific Theater, the Foundation brings you two special firing Limited Edition World War II Tribute Thompsons, one for each of these theaters of operations. 24-KARAT GOLD Each is custom gunsmithed with many special features. The finish gleams—it is mirror-polished, precision-machined steel, custom gun-blued and deeply etched in bas relief with historical inscriptions. You sight across the 24-Karat Gold plated rear sight and actuator knob. Your eyes move across the 35 deep cooling fins and along the mirror-polished and blued barrel, mounted at the muzzle with its mirror-polished and 24-Karat Gold plated Cutts Compensator and front sight. Even the trigger, two sling swivels, swivel mounts and screws are mirror polished and plated with 24-Karat Gold. And as your guarantee of lasting quality and beauty, all the plating is to Jewelers-Grade Heavy thickness. Each Thompson is custom-fitted with deluxe walnut stocks, beautifully-finished to high gloss, and inlaid with three special fired-enamel cloisonnés. Inlays on both sides of the buttstock feature the omnipresent “V,” for Victory, underscored by its Morse Code symbol. The larger rear grip medallion bears the particular theater name, symbol, historical quotation and date of victory. Inscriptions deeply etched and gold-gilt infilled across the receiver include the theater name, the years of the war, the World War II Victory Medal and the individual, respective Theater Medal. It was designed by Auto-Ordnance, founded by the man who designed the Thompson, General John T. Thompson. As a finishing touch, your Thompson is fitted with a deluxe leather military sling and a legal, 30-round magazine. According to the ATF paper work Auto Ordnance is the maker for these Machine Guns. It is our goal that you are 100 percent satisfied with our products and transaction. The buyer will have a 3 day money back inspection period after these items are received to your FFL. This will transfer direct to your Class III dealer tax free from our sellers inventory on a form 4. S/N: WWA272 and WWA273

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  • Publish date: Sept. 15, 2021, 3:13 p.m.
  • Expiring Date: July 9, 2022, 11:07 a.m.
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