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During WWII approximately 4.5 million STEN submachine guns were produced. While not without shortcomings, STEN guns improved through five generations and were found in use into the war in Vietnam. Like the Thompson and MP40, the STEN has also become an icon of WWII weapons. This STEN magazine housing is marked "STEN.MKII" and the B in the serial number "B0262289" indicates a Birmingham Small Arms manufacture. The "E&Co"on the bottom of the magazine housing indicates that Elkington & Company in Birmingham supplied that part for BSA. BSA produced 400,000 STEN guns during WWII according to Grace's Guide to British Industrial History. This weapon has an excellent grey parkerized finish suggesting possible refinishing. This is an import not a tube gun. One excellent condition parkerized magazine marked "Bg" above a "P" inside a circle is included. Shipping and insurance $250. Only test fired 50 rounds while in my possession.

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