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Aug. 14, 2020, 4:40 p.m. - Unknown Section -
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Americans faced the DSHK in every war since WWII

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DShK M1938 Heavy Machine Gun The Communist Bloc 12.7mm heavy machine gun has been in use globally since 1938. It is used both as a ground gun, an anti-aircraft system and as armament on tanks and personnel carriers. This M1938 DShK, Dated 1944, during WWII, is the less-common early model, employing the rotating block feed system above the receiver. This DShK would become the centerpiece for your WWII weapons collection, your Korean War weapons Collection, your Vietnam War weapons collection and even for a collection on America’s conflict today in the Middle East. News reports frequently feature DShK machine guns employed by insurgents around the world. The Communist 12.7mm cartridge is very similar to the US 50 caliber BMG cartridge, and some of the rewelded DShK’s in the US have been rechambered to the 50 caliber Browning. However, this M1938 DShK has never been welded up, never dewatted and has not been welded together from chopped up parts. This heavy machine gun is one of the few original M1938 DShK’s registered with ATF. This DShK was imported after 1986 and is therefore a Post-1986 Dealer Sample, requiring a law enforcement letter or a letter requesting inspection from a government museum, as a requirement to be transferred to a federal, state or municipal museum or to a licensed dealer, importer or manufacturer. If you are negotiating a donation or a firearms exchange with a federal, state or municipal museum, this rare, original Communist DShK can be transferred directly to the government museum as part of your transaction. America employs different heavy machine gun mounts for its M2 50 caliber heavy machine gun when employed as a ground gun or as an anti-aircraft gun. However, the Communist design is adaptable to both uses, see pictures attached. This brings more diversity to its application as the centerpiece of a collection. $45,000 I will be glad to discuss this gun with you. I will consider trades. Please call 877-437-0251 or send your contact information to [email protected] Thank you.

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