| 1928 Thompson Commemorative War Machine Gun Set

1928 Thompson Commemorative War Machine Gun Set

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1928 Thompson Commemorative War Machine Gun Set

Sept. 14, 2020, 2:02 p.m. - Unknown Section -
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Beautiful, Highly Collectible, eye-catching WWII and Korean War Commemorative Thompson's with gold plated cocking handle and actuator, rear sight base, trigger, compensator, and sling swivels. This Set is unique in that BOTH guns have the Serial number of "633", making them a matching pair! These very special commemorative's honor the U.S. participation of WWII and the Korean Conflict, and memorializes those who served. These actual working, Transferable Machine Guns are attractively engraved American flag on right side of receiver with theaters of operation engraved with Thompson bullet logo just to the rear of mag well/ejection port. Medallion with the seal of the United States of America and sentiment statement honoring the U.S. victory and veterans prominently inset into the right hand side of the pistol grip. Replica medallion of U.S. dress collar disk inset into both sides of buttstock. Left side receiver markings indicate this commemorative was issued by the American Historical Foundation of Richmond, VA. This specimen has detachable buttstock, horizontal forend and includes 1 leather sling, 1 WWII vintage 30 rnd mags,and attractive custom wooden carrying case with brass colored hardware. Receiver SN is the only visible SN. S/N on both guns: KWA633 and WWA633

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