WWII M2 carbine


WWII M2 carbine


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Museum quality WWII M2 Carbine. 4031596 was built between July 1943 and March 1944. The Underwood marked barrel is dated August 1943. Sometime late in war the M1 rifle was converted to a M2 select fire machine gun by Underwood using a “T17” retrofit kit.  M2 production was formally approved on October 26, 1944. Actual M2 production began on April 1945.US Ordnance issued conversion-part kits to allow field conversion of semi-auto M1 carbines to the selective-fire M2 configuration.

All retrofit select fire parts in 4031596 are original USGI with the majority manufactured by Inland and Winchester. Converted M2 carbines could be of any vintage and make.

During the US Army Ordnance Department rebuilding program, a large number of M1 carbines were rebuilt to M2 specifications. While many carbines were manufactured as M2s the only real difference between the M1 and M2s was the fire control group they belonged to.

ATF documents state: Serial number 4031596-Name of manufacturer Underwood USA-Type of firearm Machine Gun-Model M1-U.S. Carbine-30 Caliber.

These converted M1/M2 select-fire carbines saw limited combat service in Europe, primarily during the final Allied advance into Germany. In the Pacific, both converted and original M2 carbines saw use in the last days of the fighting in the Philippines. Inland and Winchester quickly got production contracts and it is reported that quantities were delivered in time to take part in the April, 1945 invasion of Okinawa.

The markings on the majority of M1's converted to select fire were not altered, nor were markings added to indicate a conversion.

The original parts are as follows:

Bolt; Underwood round marked U

Front sight; Underwood marked U

Recoil plate; Type III Underwood marked AU

WWII Olive drab sling

M2 Conversion parts:

Slide; Inland marked PI 7161843

Selector switch;  A

Disconnector Block; Inland marked PI late style

Disconnector lever; Marked RIA

Hammer; M2 Winchester marked W

Magazine catch; Type V

Safety; Type V

Spring; Type 9 style

Trigger Housing; Upside down Inland M2 style.

Sear; Inland

Front barrel band; Inland Type III marked AI

Stock; Winchester M2 pot belly type V walnut. Marked W in the sling well, U (Underwood) on the left butt area and SA in the sling well.

After the war 4031596 was donated to the Wichita Police Department by the War Department. On November 5th 1968 the carbine was purchased by H. Norman, Patrolman, Wichita Police. ATF paperwork states Underwood as the manufacturer of the machine gun and Norman as the individual owner. The application was approved Feb 11, 1969.

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