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Heckler and Koch MP5SD 9mm NATO Integrally Suppressed Transferable Fleming Sear Machine Gun

Nov. 12, 2021, 3:19 p.m. - Unknown Section -
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Transferable on a Form 3

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This Chester County Armory listing is for a Heckler and Koch MP5SD 9mm NATO transferable sub machine gun. 

Created utilizing an NFA registered transferable Fleming HK machine gun sear, a TPM Outfitters SD 9mm suppressor, and a Special Weapons SW94 pistol as a host gun, this machine gun is in excellent overall condition and runs flawlessly. TPM Outfitters was responsible for the SD upgrades to the host pistol.

This weapon features H&K's most current production A3 F-type retractable stock,  rear diopter sight, and a paddle magazine release. It also features the correct 5.7" internally ported barrel, a three position, clipped and pinned HK trigger housing, and an RCM installed full auto bolt carrier group.

Mechanically, the internals on this weapon show little wear. The installed Fleming HK sear is in superb condition, with no noted concerns whatsoever. It is installed in a three position Navy housing and trigger pack, that shows limited use. The full auto bolt carrier group is also in great condition with no physical concerns.

Cosmetically, this weapon is in overall very good to excellent condition. The F-stock is in new condition, along with the clipped and pinned three position Navy housing. The receiver does note some small chips in the painted finish at the connection points where an H&K claw mount optic rail was installed and removed, and a small wear mark on the painted finish of the paddle magazine release. However, the rest of the visible finish on the firearm is in superb condition with no other use or handling marks noted. 

This transferable machine gun package will consist of two NFA transfers (Fleming HK machine gun sear and TPM Outfitters SD suppressor) and one Title One pistol transfer (Special Weapons SW94). Both NFA items are currently on Form 3's for easy transfer. 

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  • State Tax: $6.00
  • Publish date: Nov. 12, 2021, 3:19 p.m.
  • Expiring Date: Nov. 26, 2021, 3:19 p.m.

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  • Shipping: Seller Will Ship!
  • Location: Pennsylvania
  • Listing ID: 76128397

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