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$18,750 U.S. WWII 1928 A1 Thompson Submachine Gun Promoted

April 13, 2021, 3:15 p.m. - Unknown Section -
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U.S. WWII 1928 A1 Thompson Submachine Gun This is an original, fully-transferable, Thompson submachine gun that appears to have been registered during the 1968 Amnesty. Note that there are no markings on the receiver other than the serial number assigned to this gun when it was registered, an IRS number, a common procedure when a machinegun did not have an original, factory-applied, identifiable, serial number. Note in the photo of the bottom of the receiver, “A.O.130125” has been engraved with an electric pencil. This was probably the original serial number, because “125” is barely visible on the left side of the receiver. However, as evidenced by the photos of the rust damage visible on the front grip support and inside the receiver, it is believed that this gun was probably obtained in a rusty condition and the exterior surfaces were polished to remove that blemish before it was registered. In addition, this receiver had been damaged on its right side, just above the trigger. As is visible in the photos, the damage was repaired by a machinist milling a narrow slot in the side of the receiver. A steel insert was machined to fit, brazed in place, (see picture of interior of receiver showing brazing), then the insert was finished to the receiver contour, polished and blued. This creates a visible blemish to the exterior. A beautiful Lyman rear sight was riveted in place, and all the other parts were replaced with military 1928A1 parts in excellent condition. This is a fine shooter and an original WWII military Thompson, but the receiver repair and its lack of original receiver markings takes it out of the typical, more expensive, collector class. The iconic Thompson is such an enjoyable machinegun to shoot, most every machinegun collector wants one. To save money, many buyers settle for 1980’s-made West Hurley Auto Ordnance reproduction Thompsons. This is an opportunity to obtain an original WWII military Thompson to shoot and to add to your collection, at the price of a West Hurley: $18,750 plus HIS. Comes with three WWII 30-round magazines in a canvas pouch and five WWII 20 round magazines in a US military WWII canvas pouch. (575) 405-0911 for questions. Transfers to your dealer tax-free and quickly, using ATF eForms. Thank you.

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