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All firearms listed below are in stock on Form 3’s ready to transfer to your in state dealer. Machineguns for sale INGRAM M10/9, Stephensville, TX MAC. These where purchased by SWD (makers of the M11/9) at the MAC bankruptcy auction. They were properly TIG welded & not spot welded like the early TX MAC's, $7995.00 NIB or $7495.00 used excellent condition. RPB MAC 11/380, takes the small metal mags, fun little buzz gun to shoot, comes w/ one 30 rnd magazine $7995.00 (add a NIB Bowers 380 MAC suppressor for just $250.00 w/ purchase of gun) HK MP5-A3, registered receiver comes w/ threaded 3 lug barrel, rail interface handguard, plastic SEF lower & 30 rnd mag. Runs perfectly & looks great. $29,995.00 IMI UZI SMG, registered receiver by JA Ciener, comes w/ 1/ magazine, modified barrel to accept either UZI or MAC suppressors. Runs great, $11,995.00 FN / FNC Paratrooper, 5.56, Made in Belgium, takes AR-15 / M-16 magazines. Has been cut down to about the size of a MP5K, Lots of fun to shoot. Will only run on PMC ammo, I think it has an issue w/ the gas system that is causing it to malfunction, but I may be wrong. Will NOT accept a suppressor. The last time I shot it w/ a suppressor on it the hammer broke after a couple mags. Sent it to S&H & had a new hammer put in it. Comes w/ 1-30 rnd mag & original FN pistol grip cleaning kit. Priced accordingly. $13,995.00 Colt M16.Mod 614, excellent all original condition, NO PD Markings, $24,500.00 Colt M16, all original configuration, excellent original condition. No PD markings, $27,995.00 COLT M-16A2, excellent condition, burst marked, excellent condition, $29,500.00 HK MP5K-PDW, sear gun w/ Fleming sear, threaded 3 lug barrel, remarked, factory HK marked PDW stock, 3 position pictogram lower, Runs perfectly, looks great, $41,995.00 Sterling SMG built by Dons Gunshop on Norrel Sten tube, new conversion, beautiful job, runs great, comes w/ one factory mag $14,995.00 All items in stock on form 3 & ready to transfer to your Class III dealer George Denkins / D&D Guns 304-562-7699 shop 304-415-8939 cell

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