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Dec. 2, 2019, 3:22 p.m. - Unknown Section -
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For Sale : Transferable machine gun, parts sets, magazines, and various accessories. . . Powder Springs RPB Over-Stamped SMG 9mm – $ 4200.00 Powder Springs parts set mint, never used – $ 3900.00 MAC Powder Springs Walther MP9 Mags – $ 200.00 each Used and worn MAC 10 parts set 9mm - $ 250.00 MAC accessories - prices varies . . . . . POWDER SPRINGS RPB OVER STAMP SMG 9MM – $ 4200.00 (Unavailable) Up for sale is a Powder Springs RPB Over-Stamp SMG in 9mm. The lower receiver was manufactured by Powder Springs in the early 70’s and was registered by RPB in the late 70’s. The upper receiver is an RPB, the bolt is a Masterpiece Arms, and the trigger parts is a mixture of RPB and FTF Industries. This gun is graded as a “Shooter” and approximately 20 percent of the finish has worn off and it needs to be re-parkerized. Using ball ammo and Walther MP9 Mags, I have put 4 to 5 thousand rounds through this and it has never jammed, stove piped, failure to extracted, or misfired. The lower receiver was manufactured with the early retaining pin notch should you have a Powder Springs upper. Lower receiver has no cracks, dings, dents, and welds are perfect. Lower receiver has never been repaired, and except cosmetically, is in great flawless condition. The lower receiver accepts Powder Springs, Marietta GA, RPB, or Lage Parts Sets. The first owner bought this MAC in the 70’s and sold it to me in 2006. Buyer will be its third owner. Comes with a free 2006 AWC MK9 suppressor which has been refurbished. Sent back to AWC, it has been completely cleaned, sandblasted, and repainted. Since being factory refurbished, the suppressor is unused, unfired, and mint. Funds up front will start the transfer process to your class 3 dealer. . . . . . MINT, NEVER USED POWDER SPRINGS PARTS SET 9MM - $ 3900.00 Replace all the parts from your MAC with this complete parts set and transform it into a blue-chip investment grade piece. Up for sale is a complete, mint, unused Powder Springs parts set. All of these parts pictured were produced in the early 70’s. Powder Springs MAC’s are superior over later models because of the very expensive high temperature heat treating process given to the metal, making them more reliable and lasting longer. This was only done in the early 70’s for potential military contracts. This parts set came off of a never used Powder Springs Ingram that was still sealed in the original factory bag since the 70’s. I purchased this sealed mint MAC in Oct 2009 from Ruben Mendiola and carefully stripped the mint parts set from the receiver. I then stored this complete mint, never fired, parts set in an air tight sealed container with silica to safeguard its mint condition. Everything looks crisp, vibrant, and like it was made yesterday. This is about as rare as it gets. Parts set comes with a significant amount of paper work to establish provenance. Provenance includes previous email communications, copies of BATF transfers, original auction listing and pictures, and a notarized affidavit. It guarantees that the parts set is original, mint, and never used. . . . . . EXTRA POWDER SPRINGS WALTHER MPL MAGS 9MM – $ 200.00 each These are original mac 9mm magazines from Powder Springs. Extremely hard to find and essential for your investment if you own a MAC receiver for 9mm. Original Magazines are all early 70’s production. The original MAC Walther MP9 magazines practically guarantees flawless feeding and functioning. Magazines shows slight wear to finish and are like new. These particular magazines individually list for 250.00 on other auction sites. . . . . . USED AND WORN MAC 10 PARTS SET 9mm - $ 250.00 Up for sale is a collection of used Mac 10 9mm parts that make up a complete parts set. These parts are slightly worn to really used. If you are missing a few pieces in a parts project, or just want some extra spare parts, they might help you out. Parts are a collection of Powder Springs, RPB, Cobray, and Masterpiece Arms. . . . . . MAC ACCESSORIES - prices varies Original 1980’s RPB Nomex cover ‘Winter Model’ for suppressor. New old stock. Very rare and collectable. - $ 120.00. Never used aluminum front grip for MAC 10. Very strong and reliable. Fits all calibers and made by - $ 50.00. Brand new complete trigger parts set from FTF Industries for MAC 10 9mm or 45. Never installed or used. - $ 80.00 (Unavailable) Reproduction of a 1940’s era British suppressor cover. Made of canvas and period fire retardant material. Will fit suppressors up to 2” in Diameter. - $40.00 1980’s RPB MAC 10 brass catcher - $40.00 Original tool to open front end of MAC suppressors -$ 40.00 RPB manufactured barrel 9mm. Never fired or installed. - $ 20.00 . . . . . CONTACT AND SHIPPING I take PayPal, cashier’s check, or money order. I will be happy to email more detailed pictures and answer any questions at (best way) or leave a message @ 979-270-2349. Shipping for Powder Springs parts set is 85.00, which includes insurance, tracking, signature confirmation, and extra material for careful packing. Email for a quote on shipping NFA items and other MAC listings.

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  • Publish date: Dec. 2, 2019, 3:22 p.m.
  • Expiring Date: Dec. 6, 2019, 1:07 p.m.

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