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Stunning Savage "Commercial" 1928 Thompson SubMachine Gun

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This is the First of the Savage Variations with New York Address and Patent Dates. Rare , 1 of 150

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Fantastic Condition Police Marked Savage Manufactured Commercial Thompson SubMachine Gun. Matchine Upper and Lower Receivers. Buttstock is Colt and has Anchor Marked. These were the among the first Guns Made after the intial 15,000 Colts and Colt parts were used from Availability.Actuator Knob is Knurled. The Fire Control Levers are Colt Made as Well as the Shiny Blued Ejector, Has Nice New York Drum and Early Pre War 30 Round Magazine. There were 6 Savage 1928 Variations and this one is the first as it has the New York Address and Patent Dates(not numbers) No ordnance Markings as they went for commercial sales. This is an early gun, Serial no S-17738.

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