Nazi Erma Haenel MP43 Fully Transferable Machine Gun w/ Bring Back Papers Sturmgewehr


Nazi Erma Haenel MP43 Fully Transferable Machine Gun w/ Bring Back Papers Sturmgewehr

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Like STG44 MP44 - 8mm Kurz

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Make: Erma (receiver & trigger unit) / Haenel (stock and bolt/operating rod) Model: MP43 Caliber: 7.92x33mm Kurz (8mm Kurz) Serial Number: 2433K Erma parts / 7301q Haenel parts Date: Believed to be 1944 Description of stock: All original, patina on metal and wood but appears to have never been refinished. It appears to be a MP43 style stock rather than the later MP44 variant. There are typical scratches/scars on the wood. Cleaning kit trap door has a strong spring, but cleaning kit is not present. The stock has the marking: “7301q,” which indicates the stock was manufactured by Haenel. This matches the charging handle/rod. Description of trigger housing: Blued, but with patina. Wooden grips. The fire selector switch works, and has an “E” on left side for single/semi-automatic fire and a “D” on the right for automatic fire. The middle of the selector bar has an “O or C.” Internal trigger part also has an “O” marked. The numbers “2433” are marked to the left of the takedown pin slot and match those of the upper receiver. The left side of the trigger housing is stamped with only a single "WaA21" Waffenamt acceptance proof for the Wurttembergische Metallwarenfabrik A.G., who made the stamping for the trigger housing. All mechanical pieces/parts appear to work, as they should. Springs are tight and in good condition. The selector switch between fire and safety “F” and “S” is in good working order. Footnote: Waffenamt (WaA) was the German Army Weapons Agency. It was the centre for research and development of Germany and also during the Third Reich for weapons, ammunition and army equipment to the German Reichswehr and later Wehrmacht. It was founded 8 November 1919 as Reichwaffenamt(RWA), and 5 May 1922 the name was changed to Heereswaffenamt (HWA). Source – Wikipedia. Description of barreled upper receiver: Above the magazine well, the serial number reads “2433k/44” and the model number “MP43” is indicated below the charging handle slot. There are six proof marks/marks on the bottom side of the receiver, just in front of the magazine well. They are as follows: 1. “COS” – Gebruder Merz, Merz-Werke, Frankfurt, Main 2. “WaA44” – German WWII Heerswaffenamt inspector’s mark for Merz-Werke, Frankfurt, Main 3. “ayf” – Waffenfabrik Erma, B. Geipel GmbH, Erfurt 4. “O” – unsure of significance 5. Nazi eagle – German army proof 6. “280” proof – German WWII Heerswaffenamt inspector’s mark assigned to Erma Werke, Erfurt, Germany The adjustable rear sight works and has the “ayf” proof mark. On the right side of the receiver, right before the handguard begins, there is a circle with either a m, w, or a 3 inside of it. Unsure of significance. There is an “S” stamp on the inside of the receiver, behind the magwell. The magazine release is the raised-ring style. The handguard is marked “aqr” which is likely a subcontractor. The handguard also appears to have a lower case “m” stamped on the very front, top end. The barrel has the “280” inspection proof which was assigned to Erma. There is a Nazi eagle insignia stamped on the front blade sight, on the upper left hand side. In the middle of the front blade sight, on the right hand side, there appears to be an “S” stamped. If there was a front sight hood, it is now missing. There is a stamp on the front of the front sight blade that says “CE” which is from Sauer. The barrel is threaded and has the appropriate thread protector with the locking piece. The barrel rifling is exceptional, and appears to have been fired extremely little. The rifling is so incredible, that it is on par with a newly manufactured rifle. Description of the bolt and operating rod: The bolt appears to be the original, non-improved bolt. It does not have the diagonal relief beneath the extractor. There is an “M” stamped on the bolt (perhaps Limbacher Maschinenfabrik – unconfirmed), as well as a very faint Nazi eagle and another proof mark that appears to be a “37” which would indicate Haenel mfgd. The firing pin is the three-sided version, and appears to be original. The operating rod is marked “fxo” which indicates Haenel mfg. The operating rod serial number is “7301q” which matches that of the stock. The operating rod is also marked with the Haenel “37” as well as the Nazi eagle. There are still signs of the original grease. Description of the magazine: The magazine is marked “MP44.” It also has the stamps “gqm” and “WaAA98.” The baseplate of the magazine is marked “CHN.” The magazine is blued and the spring is relatively strong. This includes the original transfer papers from the WWII veteran who captuured Please email us at or call 423-782-2154 for

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