HK MP5K-PDW - Machine Gun Fleming Auto Sear Installed


HK MP5K-PDW - Machine Gun Fleming Auto Sear Installed

Aug. 5, 2019, 4:23 p.m. - Unknown Section -
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Fully Operable Machine Gun with Suppressor PLUS many Extras - T- Dyer Conversion

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HK MP5K 9mm Machine Gun with Fully Registered Fleming Sear .223/9/308 T Dyer Conversion SN#:000081803 Stamped MP5K Excellent condition and fully operable Fleming Firearm Auto Sear registered for 9mm, .223 or .308 Gemtech 9mm Suppressor for 3 lug barrel 3 lug barrel plus threads for "Navy Barrel" configuration SEF trigger pack Authentic HK PDW Folding Stock Authentic HK MP5 Sling - Green - Contract HK MP5 Claw Mount Top Rail for Optics etc. Quick Acquisition Red Dot Optic - SCRD-22 Ravage Seven 30 rnd. Magazines Two Straight 30 rnd. Magazines Two 50 rnd. Magazines Two CMAG 100 rnd. Magazines !!! Extras: PDW Folding Stock One SEF Trigger Packs One SEF Trigger Housing MP5K End Cap - German MP5K Vertical Grip MP5 & MP5K 9mm Magazine Clamp HK - German Extra Barrel (Labeled 9mm JA) Note: The gun was sold to me in 2007 as a T. Dyer Conversion however I do not have a certificate of authenticity Fully transferable and will be transferred on a form 3 e-form to a class III dealer

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