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The purpose of this page is to be a place to host files that are helpful in building any sort of marketing or branding peice, as well being an online and accessible place for us to share these files with others.

Whether you're part of media personel looking to make a flyer, create a lower third for a tv spot, or get the logo in a format a vendor needs to make something, this is where you should find what you need.

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Fonts for Web & Print

If you can, its always try and use a non-serrfied font in your design and if you are placing the GUNSPOT name on the page or with the logo its great to use the official font "GEO". You can download Geo here! On print, the website, and other digital mediums.

Download Web Font

Logo Formats for Print

For almost all applications this is the best place to look for the highest resolution and vector formats of files you might need.

Download Logo format

Logo Formats for Web

These files are fine for creating web specific designs, or when you need to place a logo on a webpage, you can even hotlink to these if you like. If you are creating a design that might end up being used for more than web, be sure and start with the highest quality assets from the print section or build in vector so you can scale as needed. Also remember you can use the photoshop file to generate the logo in any size or color you need!

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Technical Files

You can use these to create other media like animated 3D or Video logos, or more advanced media like screen prints, stamps, embroidering, vinyl, etc..

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Print Style Guides

Sample Print Items, and guidelines such as; Poster | Pamphlet | Flyer | Full Color | Black and White, etc

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Web Templates

Sample Web Items, and guidelines such as; Website Billboard | Website Ministry | Facebook Header and Logo, etc...

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