Springfield US Model 1884

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Auction ID: #8402 | Springfield US Model 1884

June 16, 2022, 11:44 a.m. - Rifles -

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Springfield US Model 1884

* 21" Barrel Length

* .45-70 Caliber

* Hinged Breech Loader Action

* No interstate sales tax!

This is an original Springfield 1884 trapdoor rifle. It contains a 21 inch barrel and can fire .45-70 caliber ammunition. There are signs of use, it is still in good condition though. All original parts and finish. The rear sight is missing the elevation adjustment and one of the side wings is broken off. The bore is clean with no rust or pitting, with some rifling present.

When the Army finally decided to adopt a new breach loading rifle, they chose an in-house design very much like the muzzle loaders they converted. In many ways the .45-70 Springfield retains the look of a percussion rifle, but with a breach block that lifts up for loading. The “Trapdoor Springfield” would become the Army’s standard shoulder arm from 1873 till 1894, during which time 568,000 of them would be made. 

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