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Ishapore 2A Enfield

May 25, 2021, 8:49 a.m. - Rifles -

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Ishapore 2A Enfield

* 7.62x51 Nato

* Based on the SMLE Mk III

* One Magazine

* 1965 Marked

* No Interstate Sales Tax

Rifle Factory Ishapore in India began producing a new type of rifle known as the Rifle 7.62 mm 2A, which was based on the SMLE Mk III* and was slightly redesigned to use the 7.62×51mm NATO round. Externally the new rifle is very similar to the classic Mk III*, with the exception of the buttplate (the buttplate from the 1A SLR is fitted) and magazine, which is more "square" than the SMLE magazine, and usually carries twelve rounds instead of ten,although a number of 2A1s have been noted with 10-round magazines.The Ishapore 2A and 2A1 rifles are often incorrectly described as ".308 conversions". The 2A/2A1 rifles are not conversions of .303 calibre SMLE Mk III* rifles. Rather, they are newly manufactured firearms and are not technically chambered for commercial .308 Winchester ammunition. However, many 2A/2A1 owners shoot such ammunition in their rifles with no problems, although some factory loaded .308 Winchester cartridges may appear to generate higher pressures than 7.62×51mm NATO, even though the rounds are otherwise interchangeable – this is due to the different systems of pressure measurement used for NATO and commercial cartridges.

This Ishapore 2A is in great condition. The bore is clean. The Stock is in great conditon. Test fired with no issues. 

We accept MC and Visa with a 3% fee. We also accept ACH with no additional fee. 

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