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MP40 Matching Original Machine Gun


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MP40 Matching Original Machine Gun

Jan. 7, 2020, 12:27 p.m. - Unknown Section -

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You are bidding on an all original great condition MP40. This weapon is matching, from the barrel to the stock. It has the COS factory identifier. as well as a FXO on the mag included. The MP40 was a popular weapon among the German soldiers. It as a slow rate of fire, making it more controllable when shooting.

This weapon is a consignment weapon that is still in the possession of the individual. It will transfer on a form 4 direct to your dealer.

The approved form 4 transfer document shows that manufacturer of this weapon as Schmeisser, Germany. This weapon again is in great condition.

SN 1493D

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  • State Tax: $5.45
  • Shipping Cost: $185.00

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  • Location: Missouri
  • Listing ID: 76122756

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