The Best New Battle Belt? HRT ARC Belt 2022

CORRECTION The belt core is mentioned as being Carbon Fiber; it is actually a 'laser cut woven polymer Tegris core."

HRT Tactical Gear has some really modular gear that works well for us as YouTubers. The equipment is able to change quickly so that we can kit it out for videos. So I was pleased to discover they were going to introduce their first-ever battle belt. The ARC belt is a really unique 3 piece design that requires a bit of assembly. The ARC is really unique because it has a visible Tigris interior that provides the rigidity of the belt. It's unusual to be able to see the core of the belt from the outside, but it does provide extra stability because the molle actually weaves into the Tigris core, not just sewn on netting. So is this the best battle belt? Well, I can say for sure that it appears to be tough as nails due to its Tigris core. But there are some things I'd change; watch the video to learn more!

HRT ARC Belt and gear

Dylan C. @ GunSpot
Dylan C. @ GunSpot

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