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Nothing turns heads when talking about new releases in the gun world as quickly as a new gun chambered in 5.7. 5.7 is an odd round; to say the least, it's not the most damaging round and not the cheapest. However, its slick look and general association with solid guns are pretty easy to see. I guess what I don't get is why some people feel the need to demand that every new gun gets a version chambered with it. Personally, I feel like the solid lineup of firearms that use 5.7 is why the round is considered so great; messing with the consistency of the lineup would ruin some of the greatness of the round.

With the obligatory 5.7 rants out of the way, you'd be surprised to find that I'm a pretty big fan of the new LC Carbine from Ruger that's chambered in the round. It's fun, reliable, and very enjoyable to shoot on the range. With only a few downsides, it's hard to get mad at a gun like this unless you hate how expensive it is; more on that later.


The Ruger LC carbine is chambered in 5.7x28. The feature list is pretty rich. As you'd probably hope, the gun has a collapsable stock. You have 2 QD slots on both sides of the gun, one at the stock and one right passed the stock. A rail runs along the entire top of the rifle. It comes with polymer flip-up sights, similar to the Magpul MBUS sights. A thumb safety and bolt release can be found on the side of the gun. Moving up the rifle is a charging handle that can be reversed to the other side. All the controls on the rifle can be reversed besides the bolt release. The mag release is a lever rather than a button. I actually like this change since some of the ergonomic changes would've made pressing a button a nightmare. A CNC aluminum handguard can be found around the barrel and feels high quality. You can take the entire handguard off if you want to.

Expectations and Opinions

Initially, I wanted to dislike this gun. I'm not a fan of rifles that load pistol rounds, and I'm not a huge fan of the 5.7 rounds. However, this gun found its way into having more positives than negatives. Initially, we had issues with the trigger and folding stock that got me excited to make a piece that was just gonna rip on this gun. As we continued to shoot into that break-in period, I found my issues slowly disappeared. The folding stock started to work consistently, and the trigger started to feel really pleasant. So if you maybe feel disappointed with it at purchase or are able to try a newer one, just know that it gets much better after a few times of using it. The issue is the price. This gun is overpriced, plain, and simple. There's enjoyment here, and it's by no means a scam, but I would only recommend this gun if you have the $1000 to spare.


When it comes to range weapons, this is up there as one of my favorites. My biggest issue with the gun is that it is about all it's good for. It's too pricey to say it's a nice entry carbine for home defense, and the 5.7 round makes that hard to recommend to most people. But if you enjoy the 5.7 round and want a range toy around the $1000 mark, then I would recommend this one as some of the most fun you'll have with one.

Jayson Gibby
Jayson Gibby

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