Modern Warfare 2 M14 Build In Real Life

In this episode, we show our Call Of Duty Modern Warfare EBR-14 builds. The EBR-14 is the in-game name for the real-life M14 rifle. We aimed to build this rifle based on the Modern Warfare Mission "Going Dark." The mission "Going Dark" and "Clean House" are two of the most memorable mission in recent call of duty years. "Going Dark" stands out because of the unconventional choice of having the player use an M14. Watch this video to see our full Modern Warfare M14 build in real life.

The build consists of the following:

Springfield Armory Standard Issue M1A Vltor M14 rail Holosun 510 Krylon bright green, brown, and Rustoleum green paint

Dylan C. @ GunSpot
Dylan C. @ GunSpot

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