AR10 Caliber Options

In 2004, once the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 finally sunset, American gun owners were once again allowed to begin purchasing AR15s and AR10s after a ten-year hiatus. Gun owners not only responded by buying these rifles at a skyrocketing pace, but the number of gun manufacturers also increased exponentially. This created an explosion of innovation within the firearms free market, driving companies to strive to bring the next best weapon onto the scene. The market for AR15s and AR10s has become one of the most competitive segments of the firearms industry, to the benefit of the American gun owner. Now, when someone is looking to purchase a new AR10, there are multiple different options to consider and multiple companies to research to find the best performing rifle available. In the years before the Assault Weapons Ban, most Americans had few options in terms of calibers, brands, limited accessories, and few customizations. But thanks to the free market, now you can customize every single part of the rifle to meet your exact needs and specifications.

Customization of the AR10

In the infinitely customizable world of AR10 rifles, you are now no longer limited to just the standard .308 Winchester chambered rifle. The list of calibers available for the AR10 rifle continues to grow as the needs of each individual shooter are considered when choosing which caliber to fit in the AR10 platform. From target shooting, to hunting different-sized game, to precision long-range marksmanship, the AR10 has a different caliber option to suit the needs of everyone. You are no longer limited to buying an AR10 platform rifle off the rack and making do with one brand or one type. Your AR10 can be built from the ground up to exactly how you want it. You can customize your AR10 with various calibers and barrel lengths, cap that barrel with several different types of muzzle brakes, fine-tune your rifle with either a gas piston system or stick with the direct impingement gas tube, and accessorize your rifle with any number of optics, bipods, and light/laser attachments as well.

Caliber Options for the AR10

Due to the larger size caliber rounds that the AR10 accommodates, the AR10 is a larger framed rifle than its smaller little brother, the AR15. The AR15 simply does not have the room within the upper and lower receiver to house these larger rounds. Even so, there are limitations to the overall size of ammunition that the AR10 is capable of being chambered in while still being a semi-automatic rifle. In lieu of this, some AR10 platforms are converted into bolt action rifles to be compatible with larger .30 caliber magnum rounds. This is not a complete list of available calibers, but here is an example of some of the rounds that an AR10 can be chambered while still remaining in its semi-automatic state:

.243 Winchester 6mm Remington 6mm Creedmoor 6.5mm Creedmoor .270 Winchester Short Mag 7mm-08 Remington .308 Winchester 7.62x51mm NATO .338 Federal .450 Marlin If you are looking for those larger calibers, you can find a bolt action AR10 upper receiver that can accommodate those larger rounds such as the .300 Winchester Magnum, 7mm Remington Magnum, the .338 Lapua Magnum, among others.

.308 Winchester Options

In its original caliber, the AR10 is most commonly found chambered in .308 Winchester. This caliber is also synonymous with its standard nomenclature of 7.62x51mm NATO round. Both calibers are mostly interchangeable with each other. Because of its status as the standard NATO round, finding ammunition for it is greater than some of the less common rounds available for the AR10 and will be the round that we concentrate on for this writing. The .308 Winchester is produced by most ammunition manufacturers and therefore can be found in many different options, the most common being the 147-grain Full Metal Jacket, or FMJ. But ammunition manufacturers have created several different variations of this round to meet the needs and demands of hunters and precision marksmanship shooters alike. And because of its wide availability, the .308 Win is one of the most affordable rounds to shoot with an AR10. You can find .308 Win in loads as light as 100 grains and as heavy as 200 grains or more, depending on your goals as a shooter. And you are not just limited to full metal jacket rounds either. If you just intend to go to the range and shoot paper or steel targets with your AR10 then FMJ rounds are your most economical option. If hunting deer is your goal for the day, then rounds such as 168-grain polymer tipped rounds, or 175-grain boat-tail hollow points will suit your needs as well.

Barrel Twist Rate of the AR10

Because .308 Win comes in so many different varieties, it is important to know what your individual rifle is optimized for when grabbing a box of ammo and heading out to the range or the deer stand. Knowing your AR10’s barrel twist rate is an important factor when accuracy is considered. These are some of the barrel twist rates you will find for an AR10 chambered in .308 Win. 1 in 15” twist is best for grain weights up to 150 grains. 1 in 14” twist is best tuned for rounds in the 150 to 168 grain or your more specialized hunting rounds. 1 in 12” twist optimizes rounds in the 168 to 170-grain range. 1 in 10” twist is meant for the heavier .308 Win loads between 170 and 220-grain. And anything above 220 grains will require a 1 in 8” twist.

Whichever caliber you decide on for your AR10, you can rest assured that you are getting a proven battle rifle capable of meeting all your needs. And after you spend the time customizing your AR10 platform rifle, you will find that the AR-10 is as close to a do-it-all rifle that you can find. Gunspot is one of the leading gun auction sites where you can find your next AR10 and many other firearms, many priced better than your local gun shop. So, if you are looking to buy yourself a brand new AR10 or if you need to find the right parts and accessories to truly make that AR10 your own, you will find what you need at Gunspot.

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